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With the increased need for multi-lingual websites, brochures, technical manuals and promotional material, translations have become an important calling card for reaching out to overseas customers and companies.

However, a poorly translated website or brochure can give a potential client a bad impression of your company.

I’m sure you’ve come across an advert, document or website published by a foreign company that’s been written in really bad English? After chuckling to yourself, you will probably have thought that the company doesn’t seem to care about its image or content very much, which will also leave you in doubt about the quality of their products or services.

Now, think about reading that same advert, document or website in perfect, flowing English. You get a completely different feeling, don’t you? In fact, a beautifully crafted translation will give the reader a good impression of your company, which also means they’ll be more likely to contact you about your products or services.

This is why you should never try and cut corners: always use the services of a professional translator or translation agency when promoting your company to an international audience. It really could mean the difference between success and failure.